Cards with crystals on them.


Mak's reading was incredible! She's an excellent story telling which makes all the difference in the reading and making the cards more understandable. I did this experience with a group of friends and it brought us all closer to each other, even when we're socially distanced. Mak did a great job telling us the history of tarot and giving us our individual readings. It was a truly meaningful experience.

Mak was great to spend two hours with! My nieces and a friend and I all participated in a virtual tarot reading with Mak that was wonderful. It was super interesting learning a bit about the history of tarot. We each loved our individual readings. Highly recommend!

This was my first tarot card reading, and Mak did a great job of providing context around the history of tarot as well as her personal experiences and methodology for readings. It was super fun to learn about, and I walked away with some useful insights.

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